WinterTour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain

Beach Tennis Life in Puerto Rico

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"The players loved the event!" - notes Puerto Rico IFBT President Luis Santiago, encouraged by the successful conclusion of the Beach Tennis Life PRI IFBT Tournament hold in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, last weekend.
More than 100 players competing among all categories!

For this tournament the IFBT Puerto Rico Organization has incorporated a new category that is the Intermediate Women's, Men's and Mixed Doubles. The category is referred to advanced players with no significant competitive experience. It worth notifying that this system has been practiced for a while at IFBT tournaments in other parts of the world and the athletes like it a lot as it equalises the levels of performance and the matches abound. Because in IFBT we care a lot that anyone can enjoy the game and take the gold medal at each step of its sporting way!
Congratulations to the champions and medals:

Women's Doubles Over 40:
1st Beatriz De Jesus (PRI) / Cristina Fierres (PRI)
2nd Milly Diaz (PRI) / Sara Ramirez (PRI)
3rd Saribell Martinez (PRI) / Teresa Martinez (PRI)
3rd Gretchen Daubon (PRI) / Patricia Trellas (PRI)

Men's Doubles Over 40:
1st Winston Ruiz (PRI) / Javier Vazquez (PRI)
2nd Alfonso Lopez (PRI) / Javier Bravo (PRI)
3rd Hector Sanjenis (PRI) / Luis Rentas (PRI)
3rd Luis Santiago (PRI) / Oscar Rodriguez (PRI)

Women's Doubles Advanced:
1st Bianca Gonzalez (PRI) / Marie Noguera (PRI)
2nd Sara Ramirez (PRI) / Milagros Lopez (PRI)
3rd Beatriz De Jesus (PRI) / Cristina Fierres (PRI)
3rd Gretchen Daubon (PRI) / Patricia Trelles (PRI)

Men's Doubles Advanced:
1st Luis Rentas (PRI) / Hiram Ramos (PRI)
2nd Winston Ruiz (PRI) / Hector Rodriguez (PRI)
3rd Luis Echevarria (PRI) / Fabian Rodriguez (PRI)
3rd Alfonso Lopez (PRI) / Billy Segarra (PRI)

Mixed Doubles Advanced:
1st Bianca Gonzalez (PRI) / Hiram Ramos (PRI)
2nd Beatriz De Jesus (PRI) / Winston Ruiz (PRI)
3rd Odette Preston (PRI) / Gilberto Gongora (PRI)
3rd Cristina Fierres (PRI) / Jose Plaza (PRI)
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