WinterTour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain

Confederação Brasileira de Beach Tennis celebrates its 10th anniversary!

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IMG 20191023 WA0031IFBT congratulates on its tenth anniversary the Brazilian Beach Tennis Confederation, one of the members with the most worldwide projection.
This is a story about how from something small can grow something grand, from passion and commitment - great victories, and from a small group of enthusiasts - a mighty community!
All starts in 2008, when Adão Chagas is invited by his friend Leopoldo Correa to try out a new sport brought from the USA. Beach tennis... The sport was played with the regular tennis rackets on the sand.

Soon, Brazilian beach tennis pioneers get in touch with the IFBT President Dr. Giandomenico Bellettini. He guides the sportsmen on their path to establish the new sport in their country and proposes them to take part in the World Championship taking place in Italy.
And at this point it’s not possible not to mark enormous efforts of Leopoldo Correa, who takes an active part in the preparation, invests his own funds, assumes immense responsibility when the things are not going well, to make this trip happen.
Then a question arises. Who will represent Brazil? Who is willing to promote and develop the new sport in the country?
brasile880Solution comes shortly. Four players: Adão Chagas, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Juana Cortez and Marcela Evangelista will fly the Brazilian flag in Ravena.
Back home with the bronze medal, the athletes start a hard work, brick at a time creating current success of the sport in Brazil. Nowadays, beach tennis is one of the most popular games in the country, thousands of people practice it, and we believe it’s just the beginning.
Yesterday, October, 23 Brazilian Beach Tennis Confederation celebrated its 10th birthday! Congratulation from all IFBT members, prosperity and new achievements!