WinterTour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain

WCT A weekend in Barcelona or Sisters Kovac’s Triple

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IMG 20191025 WA0003Beach tennis season 2019 is coming to an end! One of the last tournaments this year was the World Coup Tour, held this past weekend, October, 18-20 in Barcelona, Catalonia.
Eight courts and other sport installations were settled on one of the central beaches, Bogatell.
The weather was not particularly favorable, however, the wind let up, and not a drop of rain, therefore the climatic conditions were still comfortable for the players.

This time Barcelona hosted athletes from Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, France, Georgia, Spain, and Catalonia. The beach tennis players fought for the champion title in the categories Over 30, Over 40, Advanced and Open in Women's, Men's and Mixed Doubles.
We cannot fail to pay attention to a dizzying success of Aniko and Zsuzanna Kovacs who took the gold medals in three categories at once!
And of course, our congratulations to all medalists and winners:

Women’s Doubles Over 30:
1st Aniko Kovacs (HUN) / Zsuzanna Kovacs (HUN)
2nd Ana Noro (POR) / Teresa Pereira (POR)
3rd Tea Korkotashvili (GEO) / Aiste Kielaite (LTU)

Men’s Doubles Over 35:
1st Alex Albors (CAT) / Juan Murueta-Goyena (ESP)
2nd Rafaello Fabbri (ITA) / Andrea Cattaneo (ITA)
3rd Alessandro Spella (ITA) / Tommaso Benassai (ITA)
3rd Dario Gauna (CAT) / Amadeu Corbi (CAT)

Women's Doubles Over 40:
1st Aniko Kovacs (HUN) / Zsuzanna Kovacs (HUN)
2nd Ana Noro (POR) / Roser Rallo (CAT)
3rd Noemi De Arostegui (CAT) / Vanessa Ortiz (CAT)

Men's Doubles Over 45:
1st Alex Albors (CAT) / Juan Murueta-Goyena (ESP)
2nd Laurent Vito (FRA) / Sandro Giuliani (ITA)
3rd Isaac Giménez (CAT) / Xavier García (CAT)
3rd Claudio Perrillo (ITA) / Carlos Gunfaus (CAT)

Women's Doubles Advanced:
1st Ana Noro (POR) / Teresa Pereira (POR)
2nd Aiste Kielaite (LTU) / Vanessa Pala (CAT)
3rd Tea Korkotashvili (GEO) / Giulia Giuliani (ITA)
3rd Angelina Cusumano (CAT) / Martina Llobet (CAT)

Men's Doubles Advanced:
1st Emmanuel Sorroche (FRA) / Oliver García (CAT)
2nd Alessandro Spella (ITA) / Alex Sole (CAT)
3rd Gediminas Preisegalavicius (LTU) / Andrius Nikelis (LTU)
3rd Borja Trujillo (CAT) / Cristian Ruiz (CAT)

Women’s Doubles Open:
1st Aniko Kovacs (HUN) / Zsuzanna Kovacs (HUN)
2nd Clara Grifoll (CAT) / Ganesha Díaz (CAT)
3rd Ana Salas (CAT) / Mirella Rebull (CAT)

Men’s Doubles Open:
1st Pol Filella (CAT) / Gerard Torres (CAT)
2nd Santi Puente (CAT) / Alex Albors (CAT)
3rd Fabio Godio (ITA) / Gael Rodríguez (CAT)
3rd Alex Moya (CAT) / Sebas Quintana (CAT)

Mixed Doubles Advanced:
1st Vanessa Pala (CAT) / Borja Trujillo (CAT)
2nd Aiste Kielaite (LTU) / Andrius Nikelis (LTU)
3rd Pia Sole (CAT) / Alex Colomer (CAT)
3rd Fatima Eddaodi (CAT) / Agustin Ramos (CAT)

Mixed Doubles Open:
1st Ganesha Díaz (CAT) / Gerard Rodríguez (CAT)
2nd Clara Grifoll (CAT) / Gerard Torres (CAT)
3rd Aniko Kovacs (HUN) / Sandro Giuliani (ITA)
3rd Giulia Giuliani (ITA) / Luigi Iavarone (ITA)

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