WinterTour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain

IFBT Latvia opens the season 2020

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IMG 20200121 WA0023The holidays are over and it's time to shed some flab! This past Saturday, January, 18th, in Riga, Latvia, was held the first IFBT tournament of the season! And what's especially notable is that ITFB Baltics guided by a proactive leader Andrejs Bersenevs not only opens the new IFBT season but also after years of the absence on the beach tennis scene, triumphantly comes back and registers 3 tournaments for first half of the year 2020.

Women's and Men's Doubles tournaments were played in the most modern Beach Arena in Riga “RUUKKI Brazilija”.
So, let's have a look at some statistics:
1. Participation:
- 60 athletes from 5 countries (24 female, 36 male)
- 100 viewers
- 2 event leaders
- 1 photographer
2. Played out:
- 2 sets of medals and 2 sets of cups (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Consolation)
- 20 gifts from beauty saloon Passo
- 20 gifts from beauty saloon City
3. Consumed:
- 60 welcome drinks
- 120 bottles of water Sport Akvile
- 120 jars of non-alcohol beer GO
4. As a result during 10 hours were played:
- 72 matches on 5 courts

Thank you all for participation and congratulations to all winners of the second IFBT stage:
Women’s Doubles:
1st Anastasija Zalomajeva (LVA) / Viktorija Stenclava (LVA)
2nd Marina Trefilova (RUS) / Laura Prikule (LVA)
3rd Aiga Krigere (LVA) / Linda Brokāne (LVA)

Men’s Doubles:
1st Romans Groskaufmanis (LVA) / Reigo Tonsberg (EST)
2nd Sergejs Ratnikovs (LVA) / Jurijs Supritkins (LVA)
3rd Igors Rjabkovs (LVA) / Vadims Mezmals (LVA)