Men's Doubles Champions - 2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
Women's Doubles Champions - 2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
Senior Cup Rostock
Rostock, MV, Germany
European Championships
Muravera - Sardinia
2nd Beach Tennis Coast Cup
Warnemünde - Germany
2nd Beach Tennis Coast Cup
Warnemünde - Germany
World Championships 2018
Castelldefels - Catalonia (Spain) June 28th to July 1st
World Championships 2018
Joan Egea, Oriol Marcé, Fabio and Mateo Godio, Giandomenico Bellettini

Italy wins the Barcelona’15 Beach Tennis World Championship

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Italy wins the Barcelona'15 Beach Tennis World Championship

xarxes socialsThe Italian national team beat Belarus in a much disputed final. The Belarus national team, which only joined the international federation this year, has been the revelation in this championship. This is the first competition the team has played as member of the IFBT. Belarus beat Italy 9-4 in the men's final. However, it was Italy who won the women's. In mixed category, Stefano Casadei and Stefania Carsetti defeated the Belarus Eduard Biaskosty and Volha Predushanka 9-7 in the tie break. Portugal and the US were third in the Nations Tournament. The Catalan team did not go through the quarter finals and could not repeat last year's success.

The Catalan players Gerard Rodriguez and Gerard Torres got the gold medal in the Men's doubles final Pro. They defeated the Italians Marco Mazzotti and Marco Scudelari 9-4.
In women's doubles Pro, Marisa Mora (US) and Magali Garnier (France) beat 9-4 the Italians Giada Seganti and Giorgia Marinelli.
The award ceremony was attended by the authorities: Mr. Santi Siquer representing the Catalan government Sports Secretary, Mr. Xavier Codony, sports councilor for Sant Andreu district, Mr. Joan Egea, president of the ABTCat and vice-president of the IFBT, and Giandomenico Bellettini, president of the IFBT. Local Catalan players got a gold medal in the Men's Doubles Pro and in the Mixed Doubles Pro.
All players and national teams have been an example of fair play in all the games. This edition has been a real success in participation numbers and its organization has been praised by all participants. It has been the second World Championship organized by the Catalan Association of Beach Tennis (ABTCat) in Barcelona.

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Mens doubles Pro:
1 – Gerard Torres / Gerard Rodriguez
2 – Marco Scudellari / Marco Mazzotti
3 – Carlos Rivera / Marc Bonfigli 
3 - Rick Simeon / Domenico Mazzotti

Women doubles Pro:
1 – Marisa Mora / Magalí Garnier
2 – Giada Seganti / Georgia Marinelli
3 – Serena Barollcini / Stefania Carsetti
3 - Maria Di Stolfo / Daniela Fosschini

Mixed doubles Pro:
1 - Gerard Torres / Laura Herrero
2 - Carlo Soavi / Stefania Carsetti
3 - Matia Ravaglia / Susy Manegatti
3 - Simone Vianello / Serena Baroncelli

Nations tournament:
1 – Italy
2 – Belorussia
3 – USA and Portugal