4. – Beach Tennis Officials
All official I.F.B.T Tournaments must have designated Tournament Director.

Beach Tennis Officials
The roles of beach tennis officials can be categorized as follows:

• Tournament Director or Head Judge
• Assistant Referee
• Table official
• Umpire
• Line judge

4.1. – The roles of beach tennis officials
– Tournament Director:
The Tournament Director (also called Head Judge) is the head of the competition’s organization. They are also responsible for making the tournament draws in accordance with competition rules and regulations. The making of the draw includes determining seeds and placing players and byes. The Tournament Director must then work with tournament organizers to have the necessary number of courts to schedule matches.
The Tournament Director has the authority to decide matters relating to the Tournament Rules, Code of Conduct, and Duties. In cases that do not specify a rule, the Director’s decisions are final. After the match and at the request of the players, the Director may provide explanations for their decisions. Players may appeal in writing the decisions of the Tournament Director to the IFBT Competition Committee.

The tournament director will report any serious incidents that took place during the tournament to the IFBT Competition Committee and will take the disciplinary measures that deem appropriate.

The Tournament Director is not allowed to participate in the tournament.

– Assistant Referee:
When a tournament has a large number of courts and simultaneous matches the Tournament Director can have an Assistant Referee, who will be responsible for monitoring the court matches. The assistant Referee must know rules and regulations, Code of Conduct, and Duties.

– Table Officials:
The Director of the tournament can be assisted by a Table Official.
Table Officials have the responsibility to control courts, call and distribute players, and write the results in the draws that have been made by the Director.

– Umpire Referee:
The Umpire is the Referee who sits in a high seat and is responsible for calling the score and upholding the rules of beach tennis.
The Chair Umpire has the final word on all issues relating to on-court facts, for example whether a ball is “in” or “out”, if a player touches the net etc.

– Line Judge:
Line Judges are assistants to Umpire Referees and control line calls and foot faults. Their decisions can be overruled by the Umpire.