With more than 28 Members in 24 countries on all continents IFBT is open to become new members interested in the objectives of our organization.

IFBT has two kinds of Members:

  • Full Members are formed only by organizations such as associations, federations, or other non-profit organizations that have an interest in the development of the aims of the IFBT.
    To be accepted as Full Members of the IFBT it is necessary to pay a single-entry fee and pay the annual fee. Applicants must submit a request in writing to the Board of Directors. They will make a decision at the first meeting that takes place and will notify at the next General Assembly.
  • Affiliated Members are individuals or organizations that have an interest in the development of the aims of the IFBT but do not comply with the requirements necessary to become a Full Member.

Benefits to become a Full Member:

  • Voting right and participation at the IFBT General Assembly.
  • Organize Beach Tennis tournaments under the scope of IFBT.
  • Access to the learning center online of IFBT (Course of Tournament Director).
  • Access to the courses for Instructors in Barcelona (Spain), Ravenna (Italy), or the possibility to organize them in your own country.
  • Support for organizing your own Beach Tennis school.
  • Special prices of accommodation to participate in the World Championships.
  • Opportunity to Represent your country in Tournament for Nations.
  • Development of Beach Tennis in CSIT, bigger and more open community.
  • Publication of tournaments in the world calendar.
  • Information of your activities in IFBT’s Media.
  • Possibility to configure your own players rankings, and publish in your site.
  • Access to the app of “Members Zone”.
  • Obtain racquets and sportive material from our sponsors at special prices.

Our future goals are to create a streaming TV channel, and train our Members to use it to broadcast major tournaments.

Memberships Fees:

Full Member:
€ 200 Single Entry Fee
€ 250 per year (plus € 15 for bank charges)

IFBT membership implies the on-time payment of an annual membership fee.

Affiliated Member:
Affiliated Members must organize a minimum of two tournaments a year under the IFBT scope.
In the beginning of the year Affiliated Members will pay in advance the amount equivalent of two tournaments Open-2 (the amount for 2022 is 126 Euros). This amount will be considered as a credit for the payments of future events organize during the year. If the Affiliated Member does not hold tournaments, the amount paid in advance will not be refunded.

Memberships Application:

Affiliated Member – English
Affiliated Member – Spanish
Full Member – English
Full Member – Spanish