IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain
Riviera Beach Tennis Classic
Bayamon, Puerto Rico - February 17th
Toronto Indoor Open 2020
Toronto, Canada - February 16th
WinterTour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th
Winter Tour Latvia Open
Riga, Latvia - January 17th

Catalonia (Spain) ready for the 2019 Beach Tennis World Championships

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world champ 2018Once again soon the world championship will arrive. The International Federation of Beach Tennis is organizing the 19th World Championships. This Championship was always played in Marina de Ravenna (Italy) it was the birthplace of the World Beach Tennis. The championships were held in the city of Barcelona from 2014 to 2017 and in the city of Castelldefels near Barcelona in 2018 and 2019.

In the last few years the number of countries participating has grown significantly.
Several countries asked us to have two National teams. After studying this proposition, the organization has approved.
The biggest news is that some countries will participate with two National teams.
The tournament will be held from June 27 to 30 and will be organized by the Association of Catalonia with institutional sponsorships of the Province of Barcelona, the City Council of Castelldefels, and the Government of Catalonia, and many local sponsors.
Castelldefels is a city which is open to the sea and has 300 days of sun each year. Because its Mediterranean climate, thousands of people choose it as their holiday destination and to settle there for the rest of the year.
Registrations are still open, and we hope they will soon see the most important event organized by the IFBT.
All information about the World Championships in the site www.beachtennis.barcelona