Welcome Belarus Beach Tennis Federation

The Executive Committee is pleased to welcome as Affiliated Member the Belarusian Beach Tennis Federation represented by its President Igor Viktorovich Lakhvich. The Federation was founded on April 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Sports and the Presidential Sports Club. The goals and objectives are: the development of Beach Tennis, increasing its prestige in the Republic of Belarus and on the world level, the formation of a healthy lifestyle among citizens, and the development and strengthening of the Beach Tennis athletes through contacts with organizations of other countries, improving the system of training for qualified athletes, and training coaches, and judges.
The president Lakhvich has been developing Beach Tennis in Belarus for more than ten years. Under his leadership, the National Beach Tennis team of Belarus became the silver medalist of the 2015 IFBT World Championships. Since its foundation the Beach Tennis has been growing in Belarus reaching more athletes.
President Lakhvich said “We want to develop our sport together with IFBT, exchange experiences and popularize our sport in the region, jointly hold and participate in competitions, Beach Tennis championships”.

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