italiaThe exact origin of beach tennis is unknown. We know that in the late 70s in some Romagna (Italy) beach clubs players started playing with shovels, an evolution of the beach drum, and also constructed the first beach volleyball courts in the area. The sport was initially played with a high net similar to beach volleyball. Then, after some years, the net was lowered to the height of 1.70 meters in order to increase the speed and excitement of the game.

Founding of the IFBT ( International Beach Tennis Federation )

In 1997, the IFBT (International Beach Tennis Federation) was formed in order to regulate and bring structure to the game, administer the rules, train officials, and promote the sport worldwide.
The founder of this organization and current president of the IFBT is Dr. Giandomenico Bellettini who created this organization for the purpose of bringing global recognition to this sport.


Dr. Giandomenico Bellettini Honorary President and founder of IFBT

Dr. Giandomenico BellettiniDott. Giandomenico Bellettini is the Honorary President and founder of the International Federation of Beach Tennis (I.F.B.T.), he is the original inventor of Beach Tennis, created over 30 years ago in Italy. He is the  promoter of the Italian Federation of Beach Tennis, the inventor of the International trademark, the inventor of the graphite and glass fiber rackets used to play the sport, the promoter of the International Federation of Beach Tennis (I.F.B.T.) which counts over 57 countries members.
Mr. Bellettini  created the beach tennis rules as well as the actual name of the sport “Beach Tennis”. His first book was written and published in 1997.