Domandi Frequenti

Q.- If the ball touches the net and does not pass to the opposite side, is a fault in the service?
A.- Yes, it is fault in service.

Q.- If the ball touches the net and remain caught in it without falling to the ground, is a fault or must be the service repeated?
A.- It is a fault in the service.

Q.- If the player receiving tries to return or block the ball and touches the net before a fault in service has occurred. Who has committed the fault?
A.- The receiver is at fault and the server wins the point.

Q.- If the receiving player touches the next with his body or racquet, or passes with his/her body or foot to the opposing side while the service is occurring before a fault in the service was committed, who has committed foul?
A.- It is fault of the receiving team.

Q: If the receiver player tries to block a service by moving to the before the ball leaves the racquet. Is it a fault?
A: Yes, it is fault of the receiver player for disturbing the server when he/she is executing the service, the receiver can’t move until the server player leave the servers racquets. Only little movements of feet are allowed.

Q: Can the receiving player get close to the net and go up and move his/her hands and/or racket over the net, while the service is occurring?
A: No, the receiver will commit a fault for disturbing the server while the service is occurring.

Q: Can the receiving couple changes their position in their side (right or left) while they are waiting a service?
A: Yes, once the ball is in play, players can be placed in any position in their side.

Q: In a mixed doubles match, the server man player performs the service below the shoulder toward to the side of the woman of the opposite team, her partner changes of the position and responds to the service, is it fault for have changed of the position during the service?
A: No, the receiver team is not in fault, the players of the team can be in any position inside their side.

Q: If one of the team’s members is injured, can continue playing alone his/her partner?
A: No, they can’t continue playing. The team loses the match.

Q: Is it a fault if the server player touches with the foot the line during the service motion?
A: Yes. It is a “Foot Fault” Neither foot is allowed to touch the line during the service motion, until the server has hit the ball.

Q: Is it a fault if the server player’s foot goes under the line during the service motion?
A: Yes. It is a “Foot Fault”.

Q: If a player of the receiving team touches the net before the ball that has been served touches the ground outside the opposite side. Is it a receiving team fault?
A: Yes, it is fault of the receiver team, and they lose the point because one of them touched the net while the ball was in play.

Q: If the ball hits the body of one of the players. Which doubles team wins the point?
A: The team that one of their members is hit loses the point.

Q: Can a player throws the racket at the ball in play with the intention to return the ball?
A: The doubles team throwing the racket at the ball loses the point.