Claudio Petrillo, New Member of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce the incorporation of Mr. Claudio Petrillo as a Member of the Board.
The President Egea announced when he took possession of the presidency, “new Members will be incorporated in the next weeks into the board, with the intention to obtain a great team to successfully reach the future.”

Claudio has played Tennis for years at a competitive level, even winning international tournaments. Due to business reasons, he then had to suspend his high-level activity.

Claudio started playing Beach Tennis in 2010 preferring the right side in doubles; with his good physical qualities and, thanks to a powerful serve, he has a style known as “serve and volley”.

He is the Beach Tennis Master Trainer for the International Beach Tennis Federation (IFBT) – 2015, and for the Associazioni Sportive Sociali Italiane (ASI) recognized by the Olympic Committee Italian – 2019.

Claudio has been promoting the sport of Beach Tennis in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium via several Radio appearances, articles in the Newspaper, and organizing either Clinics or leisure Tournaments.

He has professional experience as a Quality Manager working in several Companies where he developed various positions of responsibility. IFBT will greatly benefit from this experience.

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