Engines are Warming Up in The European Island of Sardinia

Everything is ready to host the European Championships in Sardinia from 10th to 13th September. Since 2014 Villagio 4 Mori in Muravera has been the venue for the most important European event held by IFBT. The southeastern coast of Sardinia covered in golden sand and permeated by the fresh scent of Mediterranean shrub is the perfect place to enjoy Beach Tennis with the large family of IFBT friends
Player’s and team’s information and registration must be made through our site www.ifbt.eu/european-championships
We know that athletes are looking forward to this event, and that they will face with tolerance the inconveniences caused by a decrease in flights that will force longer trips with more stops.
This year has been a complicated year for the sport because of the coronavirus. IFBT has been force to cancel the World Championships, and more than fourteen tournaments, and new tournaments can’t be scheduled.

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