After more than one year Catalan Beach Tennis returned again to the Castelldefels beaches. It was a cloudy day that dropped a little rain at noon, but that didn’t stop the tournament from taking place. Players were eager to return to the courts on the beach. Due to the large participation registration was forced to close days before to the closing date.

The great winners with the MVP (Most Value Player) award were Gerard Rodriguez and Ganesha Diaz, for the sum of points obtained in the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles categories.

In Men’s Doubles Pro Gerard Rodriguez and Santi Puente beat Gerard Torres and Alex Albors. In Women’s Doubles Ganesha Diaz and Julia LLobet beat Mireia Blanco and Alicia Roca. In Mixed Doubles Pol Filella and Ganesha Diaz beat Tania Gonzalez and Gerard Torres.

In the Men’s Doubles Advanced Sito Minguez and Francisco Rafales beat Salvador Diaz and Toni Guillem Garcia. In Women’s Doubles Advanced the pair Pia Sole from Catalonia and Imane Quafiki from Marroco beat the Catalan pair Cristina Caseiro and Maria Ampudia. In Mixed doubles Oliver Garcia and Angelina Cusumano beat Noemi de Arostegui and David Rius.