The IFBT Team, are pleased to announce the launching of the official IFBT Newsletter!
Thanks to our Members’ support and involvement, IFBT is constantly growing, developing new ideas and taking further steps in the international “Sport for All” sector.
That’s why we want all the IFBT Members, Players, Supporters and Stakeholders to have regular access to the most important information.
In the first edition of the newsletter, you can read about:

  • Ukraine – the Great Winner of the 2022 IFBT World Championships
  • 2022 European Beach Tennis Championships
  • IFBT as a proud member of International Organisations
  • Beach Tennis tournament in Niechorze, Poland
  • Burgas Open 2 tournament in Burgas, Bulgaria

Currently, the IFBT newsletter is available only for our registered Members and Players with current IP Code, but we are working to extend access to all people interested.

If you want to share some exciting news from Beach Tennis world, don’t hesitate to write an email to

Download Newsletter 1/2022