The New Bangladesh Beach Tennis Association President is Ayesha Siddika

The Executive Committee welcomes the incorporation as Affiliated Member the Bangladesh Beach Tennis Association. Its President Ayesha Siddika is a great supporter of sports, member of the Bangladesh International Taekwondo Association, black belt and gold medalist, and an assistant coach, and one of the first female referees.
As a female referee of Bangladesh International Taekwondo Association, she has officiated a total of 96 matches at the national level, and she has participated in three congress meetings of the International Taekwondo Federation as a representative of Bangladesh.
She is currently conducting a training workshop learning Self-Defense for Girls all over Bangladesh.
She also was National Badminton Champion at the school and college level. She was a member of the Badminton Champion Team with the participation of cadets from all regiments across Bangladesh that was organized by Bangladesh National Cadet Corps.
As President of Bangladesh Beach Tennis Association, she is organizing and promoting Beach Tennis all over Bangladesh. “I would like to work towards a number of goals, one of which is to ensure a great participation of women in National and International Beach Tennis competitions”.
She said “I want to create a friendly community of female athletes from developing and underdeveloped countries with women from developed countries”.
She also said “Let the game be the key to ending all inequality and bitterness”.
From the Executive Committee, we wish you all the success in this new task.

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