Third Memorial Tournament held in Honour of Petya Jesse Yaneva in Burgas (Bulgaria)

The Beach Tennis Club Burgas held the third Memorial Tournament of Petya Jesse Yaneva. In the Opening Ceremony assisted Petya’s mother Gergina Yaneva, and the Chair of the Council Committee on Sports, Jordan Georgiev. The Championships were celebrated on the Central Public Beach in Burgas during a beautiful sunny day. It was the first Tournament celebrated in Bulgaria under the IFBT. All players were particularly proud to participate for the first time in an International IFBT event.

In Men’s Doubles Plamen Fotev and Ognyan Fotev from Bulgaria beat their compatriots Konstantin Stoyanov and Konstantin Buyukliev. In Women’s Doubles the Russian pair Lyudmila Bondarenko and Anastasiq Sretenova beat the Bulgarian Ralica Arsova and Kalina Petkova.

In Mixed Doubles the pair Anastasiq Sretenova from Russia and Dobril Savov from Bulgaria beat the Bulgarian pair Stela Peeva and Plamen Fotev

The Master Category Over 50 the Bulgarian Konstantin Stoyanov and Ognyan Fotev beat the Russian Vladimir Kazakov and Dmitrii Pochuev.

In Under 16 the pair formed by Maria Khalyavko from Kazakhstan and Dimityr Berdankov from Bulgaria beat the pair Totko Toromanov from Bulgaria and Anya Kichenko from Ukraine.

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