With surprise and excitement, we watched the final of the World Championship between the IFBT teams from Italy and Ukraine.

Ukraine’s first participation in the World Championship coincided with a special time for their country, many Ukrainians living in Catalonia attended the Championships, because it was the first time they participated.

In the Countries’ competition the final was played between Ukraine and Italy the Women’s and Men’s Doubles matches were played simultaneously. In women’s doubles team Olena Kyrpot and Kateryna Yegoreychencho beat Giulia Paolettoni and Giulia Carlini, while Italians Luca Amaducci and Federico Andaló beat the Men’s Doubles team formed by Bohdan Levchuk and Valentyn Levchuk.

This resulted in a tie between countries, that it was necessary to play a deciding Mixed Doubles match between the Ukrainians Bohdan Levchuk and Olena Kyrpot and the Italians Luca Amaducci and Giulia Paolettoni. The Ukrainians won in a very exciting final, where mainly the Ukrainians lived it with great emotion.

In Men’s Doubles Pro, the pair formed by Oliver Garcia from Catalonia and Charles Cubertafond from France beat the Ukrainian Bohdan Levchuk and the Tunisian Wajih Chaar.

In Women’s Doubles Pro, the Italians Giulia Paolettoni and Giulia Carlini beat the Hungarian sisters Aniko and Zsuzanna Kovacs by 9 to 5.

In Mixed Doubles, the Ukrainians Bohdan Levchuk and Olena Kyrpot beat the Catalan-French Emmanuel Sorroche, who was paired with the Hungarian Aniko Kovacs by 6 to 3.

In Under-16 Doubles, the Catalan pair Teo Baldrich and Cristian Mendez beat the Brazilian Ives Lancellot and Marcello Farinha by 6 to 4.

The great atmosphere of the Championship should be highlighted, and the great participation of the selection of the Brazilian Beach Tennis Confederation that gave atmosphere and color to the event.

People from over the world could follow the event by streaming through the IFBT TV Channel, the production has been made for “Objectiu Alcanar TV”, which covered the World Championships with great technical quality.

From IFBT we want to thank the Union of Sports Councils of Catalonia (UCEC) and its technical team for all the effort made to carry out this magnificent event as well as the City Council of La Ràpita and the Sports Council of Montsià for everything and the support they have given.