20th IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships
JULY 2nd – 5th, 2020

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ABTCat (Associació Beach Tennis de Catalunya), an IFBT Member from Catalonia, will host the 20th IFBT Beach Tennis World Championships in Casteldefels (Province of Barcelona) from July, 2nd to 5th, 2020.

Castelldefels with its mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches is one of the sunniest towns in the world. Thousands of people choose it as their holiday destination and some even decide to settle there for the rest of their lives.

There are two simultaneous events within The Beach Tennis World Championships: Open Tournament, and Competition for Nations.

Beach Tennis Story

The exact origin of Beach Tennis is unknown. Apparently in the late 70s some enthusiasts started to play the game in the Italian Romagna on a standard beach volleyball court, using wooden paddles. The sport was initially played with a high net similar to beach volleyball. Then after some years, the net was lowered to the height of 1.70 meters in order to increase the speed and excitement of the game.

International Beach Tennis Federation foundation

In 1995, the IFBT (International Beach Tennis Federation) was formed in order to regulate the game, administer the rules, train officials, and promote the sport worldwide.

The founder and current president of the IFBT is Dr. Giandomenico Bellettini who created this organization for the purpose of giving this sport global recognition.

About the IFBT World Championships

The World Championships are the major event held by the IFBT every year.

Since its foundation the International Beach Tennis Federation has always organized this big event with participation of its associated members from all over the world.

The first time The World Championship were played was in 2001 in Marina di Ravenna (Italy). They had been held there continuously until 2013, when the delegates decided they should be moved to Catalonia.

They were held by the Beach Tennis Association of Catalonia in Barcelona from 2014 to 2017 with the support of the Barcelona City Council, and the Catalan Government. Since 2018 with active help from the Barcelona Province Council and the Castelldefels City Council Castelldefels has become the new World Championships venue.

The players from different countries that participated in the World Championships in Castelldefels in 2019 were very satisfied with the facilities, environment, tournament organization, and city infrastructures. This has been one of the reasons that the International Federation trusted the Beach Tennis Association of Catalonia with the World Championships for 2020.

That’s the IFBT Spirit

Sport for everyone! IFBT’s main objective is to be open to all people of all different ages and skill levels.

The World Championships are played in singles, male, female, in singles, doubles and mixed in both pro and amateur categories, as well as in master’s and children categories.

The competition is divided in two phases: the first is a league format that allows all athletes to play a minimum of three matches, and a final – eliminating phase. This game format is valued very highly by the players.

No matter what your age or level, sign in for the IFBT World Championships and have fun with us!

Official Championships Webpage: http://beachtennis.barcelona/en/

IFBT Webpage: https://www.ifbt.eu

Registration World Championships

In order to register players must fill out the entry form online:


or by email: international@ifbt.eu

Fees tournaments

Open Tournaments: 1st tournament: 15 Euros / player

2nd and follow: 10 Euros / player

License IFBT approved: 10 Euros / player

(Valid for all days of the Championships)

Tournament for Nations: Team: 50 euros

In order to register, country representatives must be subscribed by entry form

Registration Closing date: Open Tournaments: June 26th, 2020

Tournament for Nations: June 15th, 2020

Payment fees: Individuals: Can pay the first day of the Championships in cash or credit card

Organizations: Can pay by bank transfer before the June 19th

ABTCat provide accommodation for all members, and players at special prices:Reservation Until March 31st

Dates: Reservation from January 1st to March 31st
Hotel: Hotel Camarote, Hotel HP, Hotel 139
Price Hotel: Double room 92 euros/night. Breakfast included (one bed or twin)

Double room single use: 82 euros/night. Breakfast included

Triple room 117 euros/night. Breakfast included

Price Apartment: Apartment (4 pax)

110 euros/night

Max. Confirmation data Confirmation until March 31st
Payments Hotel: First payment 50% at the reserve
Final Payment May 31st

Reservation from April 1st to May 31st 

Dates: Reservation from April 1st to May 31st
Hotel: Hotel Camarote, Hotel HP, Hotel 139
Price Hotel: Double room 110 euros/night. Breakfast included

(one bed or twin)

Double room single use: 90 euros/night. Breakfast included

Triple room 125 euros/night. Breakfast included

Price Apartment: Apartment (4 people)

125 euros/night

Max. Confirmation data: From April 1st to May 31st
Payments Hotel: Payments:

One payment before May 31st

Reservation Hotel by email: international@ifbt.eu

Cancelation Policy 100% refundable before June 1st

except bank expenses

Non-refundable after June 1st