2.1.- I.F.B.T. Approved Tournaments
Regional, national, and international tournaments conducted by the federation members, shall comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Competition Committee of the International Federation Beach Tennis.

2.2.- Request Tournaments
Tournaments are requested through the IFBT Competition Committee and established in advance depending on the category of the tournament.

2.3.- Competitions Categories
The categories approved by the I.F.B.T. are:
• Male and female Professional (PRO) from 16.
• Male and female Advance (Advanced) from 16.
• Under 10-12-14-16-18
• Under 21 (Junior)
• Over 35-40-45-50-55


3.1.- Beach Tennis Rules

3.2. – Competition System
In the Doubles Category the minimum amount to score in the world ranking is four teams. In the Singles Categories the minimum is four players.
Doubles matches are organized as Group Play (Round-robin style/all-play-all), and a final round.
Individual matches use a double elimination draw. (Winner – loser)
The Tournament Director may choose to do double elimination for doubles matches.

3.3. – Match Scores
Group Play: Individual sets of up to 7 games are played; in the event of a tie at 6-6, 7 points tie-breaker is played, win by 2.
Quarter and Semi-finals: Individual sets of up to 7 games are played; in the event of a tie at 6-6, 7 points tie-breaker is played, win by 2
Finals: Individual sets of up to 9 games are played, a tie-breaker at 8-8 must played, 7 points tie-breaker is played, win by 2.

3.4. – Forming Groups
Registered teams will be divided into groups based on the total number of teams as demonstrated in the chart below. The teams in each group play each other.

forming groups

3.5. – Seeding Players
Consideration is given to determine the top seeds based on the players rankings in that category (minimum seeds will be one per group).
The seedings for all Doubles categories will be determined by the sum of the Doubles Ranking Points of the two players forming the team.

3.6. – Distribution of Seeds in Groups
Seeded teams will be distributed starting with the top one in the first group, the second in the second group, and so on.
It is possible to set a second seed for each group, once all the groups with the top seeds are set the rest will be distributed in reverse order until group 1, which will contain the last seed.