8.1.- Categories Pro (Open) and Amateur (Advanced)
Players must choose the category based on their average rank points.
Players under 1 16 will not be able to participate in the Pro Category unless they have an authorization from the IFBT.
To be valid the average is necessary is necessary to have a minimum of two tournaments scored. If not, the Tournament Director will decide wich categories the player can participate in.

8.2.- Determination Amateur/Advanced Category in Men’s and Women’s Doubles
In June 2017 the IFBT decided to implement a new ranking system in order to differentiate between categories and determine a clear skill level for all players. This ranking is determined by the number of Points and dividing it by the Tours played. This number is found on the far-right column on the IFBT ranking in each category.
Players with an average equal to 91 points or greater will be considered category Pro (Open).and they can’t play Amateur (Advanced) categories.
Pro level players cannot play an Advanced tournament with a partner with an average equal or less than 90 points.

8.3.- Determination Amateur/Advanced Category in Mixed Doubles
We must look at the averages of the player in Mixed Doubles, and in Men’s or Women’s Doubles rankings.
If one of the average is equal to or greater than 91 points, the player will be considered as Pro (Open) level and he or she can’t play Amateur tournaments in Mixed Doubles.

– To Clarify the average concept, it does not define exactly if a player has level Pro or Advanced. It only serves to determinate who can’t play Advanced Tournaments.

– Pro level players can’t play Advanced tournaments, but all players with independence of this average can play Pro Categories.

Player with average >= 91 can only play Pro Category
Player with average <= 90 can play Pro & Advanced Categories

This regulation applies to all official tournaments IFBT.