We would like to inform you of the implementation of IP Code.From April 1st, 2022 all players participating in the tournaments santioned in the official calendar must be in possession of the current paid IP Code.
The Player Members will pay a reduced annual fee in function of the income of their country of residence which can be paid online. The amount of the fee is 10€ for players in residence in countries with High level income, and 5€ in countries Upper Middle income. Countries with Lower Middle and Low incomes don’t pay.

HIGH INCOME 1 10€ Player
LOW INCOME 4 0€ Player

What’s the IP Code?

The I.P. Code (International Players Code) is the code which identifies all players as Player Members of IFBT. It permits players to participate in the tournaments registered in the calendar of the International Tour, and in the development of the Sportive Committee.
The status of Player Members allows participation in sporting and cultural events organized within the IFBT environment.
Player Members can participate in all activities, Committees, and in the new bodies created in the future, and that appear in the Statutes or Internal Regime.
The Player Members can set up a Sportive Committee which will be the only body of communication between the athletes and the Executive Committee for the aspects that affect them.

How can I know if I have IP Code?

If you have played an official IFBT tournament in recent years, you already have an IP Code.
– Go to the main menu, select IP Code >> Search IP Code.
– Enter your name and if it exists the IP Code, Name and Country and Country of residence will appear.

How can I pay my current IP Code?

You can enter through the link below this page, or in the top menu Login IP Code, and choose which of the three options is yours
1- Players who have an IP Code and have an account
2- Players who have an IP Code and do not have an account
3- Players participating for the first time in an IFBT sanctioned tournament