5.1. – Dress code
The dress code for players consists of bathing suits, trousers, shorts or skirt, shirt or polo. Caps and sand socks are optional.
Organizers may require players to play with shirts on all courts.
Tournament winners must wear a shirt during the awards presentations.

5.2. – Code of Conduct
Misconduct amongst players, disrespect to referees, opponents, partner, or the public is as follows:

• Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Discussions, intimidation etc.
• Obscenity audible and visible: Actions contrary to fair play, or morals, or obscene gestures.
• Offensive: Gestures or insulting words, offensive or defamatory.
• Assault: Assault or attempted towards a team, opponents, referees or the public.
• Ball Abuse: The intentional release of the balls outside the boundaries of the field or returning a ball dangerously.
• Abuse of racket and equipment: The release or intentional breaking of the racket, accessories, chairs, or track equipment.

5.3. – Disciplinary Measures
Depending on the seriousness of the offense the penalties are as follows:

• First Warning – Warning for misconduct, does not imply a penalty, but the player is warned, a possible sanction.
• Second warning – Subject to penalty for misconduct, the player or the team is sanctioned with the loss of a point.
• Third Notice – Penalty for misconduct is punishable by expulsion, and is equivalent to the loss of the match.

The penalty for offensive behavior or aggression is the last loss of the entire match.

In addition, the Disciplinary Committee of IFBT may disqualify a player for serious offenses for a period of one week to twelve months; this may include the suspension of all related activity, elimination of ranking points, and the exclusion from participation in certain events.

5.4. – Claims
The players are able to make claims within seven days of the disciplinary action. The eventual re-admission must be approved by the Board of the International Federation of Beach Tennis.