1.1. – International Rankings
All players participating in official tournaments of the International Federation of Beach Tennis will receive points for the I.F.B.T. World Rankings.
The top eight best results during the last eighteen months will count.
The rankings will be updated weekly.

1.2. – Classification by modalities
IFBT Rankings are divided into the following categories:

Beach Tennis and Racket Gym:
Men’s and Women’s Singles
Men’s and Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Under and Over Male and Female

Volley Racket:
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles

1.3.- Rankings and Grades
Rankings points are determined by the pre-established Grade of the tournament and approved by the I.F.B.T. Competition Committee.

World Championship: W-0
Continental Championships: CONT
World Cup Tour: WCT
National Pro Tournaments: NAT-PRO
National Tournaments: NAT
International Open-1: OPEN-1
International Open-2: OPEN-2
Advance Tournaments: ADV-A/B/C
Over & Under Series: U/O

1.4. – Player Ranking Points
The points for Doubles Rankings are by player and determine on an individual basis.

1.5. – Determining Ranking Points
The Ranking Points per player are based on the I.F.B.T. Ranking Chart below:

score table1

1.6. – Under and Over Rating Categories
There are separate rankings for Under categories and for Over. These rankings are independent of the main ranking system. Under category is common for boys and girls.
Between each of the age categories and the next there is a difference of 15% of the points. Within these categories are the following:

• Under Boys and Girls
• Over Men
• Over Women

over under